The Story

The House Café Restaurant is to be a full service, fine dining restaurant offering affordable, high quality Italian, international and cuisine inspired by authentic family recipes. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique dining experience that exceeds their expectation on every visit.

Our motto “To serve others as you want to be served”.

From the abstract (MOCCA), for its tick, freshly brewed coffee and alcohol twist to BACIO Italia, for the neo-Italian cuisine with assortments of alternative dinning for clients by night, the House Café has a knack to offer something for everyone with choice of delicious meals, fine dining, and unforgettable moments. We combine this quality with great service and atmosphere. Our menu is carefully selected to satisfy the best of the culinary aficionado while appealing to all nationalities. A long-sought dream became reality. We created a timeless and impeccable establishment and message- a sanctuary for the brave. At The House café Restaurant, all clients are treated like royalty. Simple elements such as true service and devotion would elevate House Café Restaurant to legendary status. In fact, in year to come, we hope to be known for the unique lifestyle and one of the best restaurants. The secret of The House Café Restaurant isn't about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed. It is intangible but palpable. It can't be patented and even after years of services it would be impossible for others to duplicate. What we hope for is that generations of The House Café Restaurant would grow a single restaurant, into a world renowned hospitality brand that would be recognized for its distinguished venues and world class standard. The best memories of food are invariably those that are homemade”. It has been our inspiration from the outset to create that special home-made experience for every customer whether it is European, Middle Eastern or American. Delicious and healthy. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, or the special daily dish, rest assured that it will feel straight out of mum’s kitchen

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12, Victoria Arobieke,
Lekki Phase One, Lagos


House Café is open seven days a week
9am – 12am